Water Treatment Systems

We have worked on a variety of water treatment plant systems in remote locations.  These locations include: Whitefish Bay, Ontario, Black River Lagoon, Manitoba, Mallard WTP in Mallard, Manitoba.  We shoot, edit, and deliver video training conducted by industry processionals through a training schedule made by the general contractor.  Below are a few samples of some of the systems we have recorded.  We can record and deliver video training for any system you require.

Pressure Transmitters

Demonstrations of Pressure Transmitters. Screen recording UI.

UV Lamp Removal/Replacement

Removal of the UV lamp from sleeve on a Trojan Reactor.

Trojan UV Swift Components

Teardown of components of UV system.

PH Probe

Ph probe details, reading and identification

Control Power Panel (CPP)

Identifying the components inside the CPP panel. Relay switches, dip switches, wiring.

Chlorine Analyzer

Using the chlorine analyzer. Calibration of chlorine & PH levels, alarms, UI.

Chemical Feed Pumps

Chemical feed pump tutorials and training. Identifying the system, UI screen, pump maintenance, and parts.

Diaphragm Metering Pump

Repair and maintenance of a diaphragm metering pump. Teardown & rebuild of components.

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